3 C’s for Refined Gentleman’s Summer Style

We’re 3 months into quarantining, sheltering in place, and social distancing. And although this year can be described as surreal, to say the least, time feels like it’s moving fast.

Summer is about to make its entrance, just in time for sheltering in place to expire.  Some of us will be heading back into the office, back to weekends with friends and family, and back to our favorite summer style.

Life on the inside has made us comfortable, often showing up for Zoom meetings half-dressed. So when “outside does open back up” we need to be prepared to return to our refined gentleman’s status.


Comfort is a word that instantly comes to mind when referring to summer style. Now that social distancing is also top of mind, many will be spending more time outside in open spaces and walking as a means of commuting- especially here in New York. But a gentleman never sacrifices style for comfort. We achieve both with refined comfort.

Pairing a crisp, white sneaker with a look I would typically wear with a shoe is how I achieved this refined comfort style.  These pants stop short at the ankle, giving it an intentional feel. Paired with a blazer and white tee, this is refined comfort for the weekday or weekend depending on your industry.

Here are the 3 C’s for Refined Gentleman’s Summer Style:

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3 C’s for Refined Gentleman’s Summer StyleColor

Warm weather inspires cooler colors, ranging from pastels to vibrant neon, that can be easily paired with your favorite summer suit.

I’ve added a pastel purple tailored shirt to a subtle textured grey suit. This combination will work for your Zoom or office meetings.  It’s refined and relaxed maintaining that gentleman’s summer vibe.

3 C’s for Refined Gentleman’s Summer Style

3 C’s for Refined Gentleman’s Summer Style


The Motorcycle Jacket is one of those things you have to pull out every year. It’s a classic for almost every season, but for summer 2020 it’s part of every major designer’s collection. Ranging from high to low-end, finding one that fits your unique gentleman’s style is the key.

This brown moto jacket is a transitional piece I like to wear over a relaxed tee, with distressed denim. I enjoy this style during the weekends, while spending time with friends.

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