3 Ways to Make Classic Gentlemen’s Wear More Relevant

They say you can tell a lot about a man by the clothes he wears.
It’s an old adage that’s still relevant. Clothes are used as a form of self-expression. What you wear, speaks. It tells the world how you’re feeling from the day-to-day. It reveals your level of confidence. It introduces your personality. But can what a man wears reveal if he’s a gentleman or not? I’d say yes in some respects and no in others.

Times have changed. And so has what a gentleman wears. Dapper is still proper, but so are a fresh pair of crisp white sneaks. Men don’t have to be totally suited up to be seen as gentlemen. That old image of a man in suit and tie, trench coat and fedora is classic, but I appreciate this generation’s ability to take something classic and make it relevant.

Here are 3 Ways to Make Classic Gentlemen’s Wear More Relevant:

1.A classic overcoat is pulled straight from the gentlemen’s style handbook. It’s timeless, it’s luxury, and it’s perfect for this New York winter. An overcoat is a great option for men of every stature and can be purchased in a hemline that best suits your build. Make it relevant by adding some texture to it with tweed blend.

2. Masculine tones of dark blues, rich greys, and deep browns are colors that can really anchor a look. A simple mock, turtle, or crew neck, long sleeve top in black or deep blue is a timeless gentlemen’s look.  Make it relevant with a combination of 2 or more masculine tones in one look.

3. If a tailored suit doesn’t scream classic gentleman, I don’t know what does. A man in something tailored says he’s polished, cares about his presence, and has the means to invest in the finer things. Whole suits are not the only thing you can tailor. Make it relevant by trying just a tailored pair of pants and ditch the rest. I promise you will still maintain the look of a well-tailored gentleman.

Today’s gentleman is dapper, proper, causal, and cool. He knows what to wear, how to act and how to make all things relevant.

See and shop my style below:

3 Way to Make Classic Gentlemen’s Wear More Relevant

3 Way to Make Classic Gentlemen’s Wear More Relevant

Christophe North

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