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Casual Cotton Suits | How To Wear A Casual Cotton Suit | Expressmen

Christoph North Episode 2: Casual Cotton Suits | How To Wear A Casual Cotton Suit  | Sponsored by Expressmen – Video Transcript. – Shop this look below.

This is Christoph North. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. This challenge shines a spotlight on sophisticated style, four gentlemen. So jets, I gave you a salute for Chi-Ming in ladies. I give you a big warm welcome. So what we’re going to talk about today are casual cotton suits. These suits should be a staple in every gentleman’s closet, especially for the spring and summer seasons. I like these pieces because the cotton is breathable and they are more functional than custom suits. These casual cotton suits can be worn to a work event or even going out to dinner in the summer.

So let’s get to it. What I’m showing here is how I dress up in a khaki suit. Notice I wore the suit with a dress shirt and handkerchief. The shirt of course is courtesy of Kristoff. These suits are ready to wear, but make sure that pants leg with his taper. I usually go between six and a half and six and three quarters, but I’m six-two. So you should apply accordingly based on your weight and height. Notice the footwear these suits pair well with sneakers, I’m wearing tan sneakers here, but it also can be worn with white sneakers to provide a nice contrast and pop. So let me show you how I dress down a cotton casual suit. This suit is teal. I chose this card because it compliments my skin complexion gems. You should also determine what colors go well with your complexion.

This suit is styled with a V neck and a pair of crisp white sneakers. I previously talked about v-necks in my previous video, that all v-necks are not made equal, right? So some of them can cost from $40 all the way up to $150. Don’t judge me. Alright. Uh, but the lake of the v-necks that I shop is in the link below, but quality matters. And definitely, people will see the difference, especially when it’s worn with a suit. Also jets, the white sneakers should be white, white, with no scuff marks keep a few fresh white sneakers on standby. Also, if you notice, I didn’t wear a handkerchief with this suit, this was on purpose because I wanted people to focus on my neck area as well as my fixed. So today’s gentlemen tip is to remove distraction from the areas of focus. Now, this is not always the case, but this was a goal for this look. So that’s all I have for today. These counter suits are great for the summer and spring and will definitely keep you along the sophisticated track. So here’s a breakdown slide of the casual suit. Feel free to share with friends and colleagues and the suits are sponsored by express men. So you can shop for these suits via my link below. So until next time, take care.

Thank you for tuning in. If you thought this video was helpful, feel free to comment, share, and sign up for notifications and tag a friend below. And I look forward to seeing you in our next video,

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Casual Cotton Suits | How To Wear A Casual Cotton Suit  | Sponsored by Expressmen
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Slim Khaki Textured Cotton-Blend Suit Jacket • Expressmen
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