I had a chance to participate in a fireside chat with @QuickTake by Bloomberg and contribute to a candid conversation about the business of influencing on social media.

A MUST WATCH!! I had a chance to participate in a fireside chat with @QuickTake by Bloomberg and contribute to a candid conversation about the business of influencing on social media. I shared some truth about building a business, community, and portfolio of amazing brand partnerships. If you want to become an influencer or are just interested in what goes into creating a community like this, click the link in my stories to watch the whole conversation.


Below, is the transcript (you can zoom to 4;35 mark):

and I don’t want people to hate on what
we do or have a misunderstanding of the
jobs that we do the influencer economy
has gotten really big in recent years as
brands look for new ways to find
shoppers a lot of those influencers are
also starting their own businesses and
I’m here with three of them today TIFF
Benson Trisha Chen and Kristoff North
welcome what do you say to the people
who think you don’t have real jobs
because there’s plenty of those haters
out there who think you just walk around
taking photos go into countries taking
vacations but what do you say to those
I do feel on some level that’s part of
the influencers fault because we share a
lot of our highlights and maybe not
enough of like the bad stuff the real
all right the real stuff I I came across
someone who was surprised that I
finished I have a college degree and I
have a master’s degree because to them
they think if you have those than why
are you doing those and and I think that
was the first time I was like wow they
think that people do this because they
don’t have other choices influencing is
a privilege to it’s also a lot of
responsibility for us I think to kind of
educate ourselves about how the audience
feels and the perception so that we can
we can change that because I want to
stay in this industry you know and I
don’t want people to hate on what we do
or have a misunderstanding of the jobs
that we do especially because we work so
hard at what we do in this video I’m
gonna share with you the seven
fragrances that I wore this week so if
you want to hear what they are how do
you decide what brands to work with and
who’s a good fit it’s really about I
think about least four influencers I
think about we really have three things
this is probably the best paid media
that you can think of right
we have authenticity we have we’re tribe
leaders right of our content of target
segments of what we have and then we
have the capability to drive purchases
I already have the target market already
set for you I have authenticity set up
for you so a brand any any product or
service or brand that wants to talk to
that market segment I’m the person that
you know that I would want to partner
with and I’m looking at three people of
color who have found success as as
influencers how has that journey been so
I think you’re challenged through a lot
of things right you know whether you’re
in corporate corporate office whether
you’re influencer I think you still have
those same challenges and just your
diversity is probably key right you have
to be able to tell the story about
yourself use that diversity for positive
change right when I attended events I
would realize that I’m the rep for
diversity and you can tell because you
they’re selected certain type of people
who are placed there or invited may be
just so that they reach that you check
the box yes so I think when the win is
to hard core and finding those the check
boxes then it becomes actually less
authentic I think there needs to be more
women like me especially of color who
just say you know what I am Who I am and
if I get a brand deal is because they
genuinely love me
all right the influencer economy has
been in full swing for like two or three
years now like really hardcore the big
brands are putting their their marketing
budgets behind it do you think this is
gonna keep going they’re gonna leave
this this spigot on well I hope so
that’s our hope right but also at the
end of the day – I do diversify amongst
my platforms again I’m a youtuber and I
also have monetize my Instagram blog I
think it’s important because if
something fails in that regard then what
right that’s a big conversation that’s
happening right now then what what if
that happens and I’m prepared for it I
think like any other industries it will
definitely change it was shifting
different gears I don’t think it will
necessarily disappear within the next
decade or so you know it’s been they
still paid media right and it’s probably
the best media that you can probably
have and what it will probably what’s
the evolution of that it’s going to be
some way or some fashion where you can
still get some authenticity right where
you can still get someone that’s talking
about a very specific product or service
industry based on segments so it’s just
whether what is what does that look like
come you know 10 years from now
Christophe North’s fireside chat with @QuickTake by Bloomberg
Christophe North’s fireside chat with @QuickTake by Bloomberg

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