How To Improve A Gentleman’s Weekend Style

The weekends are indeed a time to relax and play a bit as you take a break from corporate life for a few days. Whether you decide to spend part of your weekend in Dumbo Brooklyn catching up with friends for a few laughs over coffee or grabbing brunch in ritzy Soho, a gentleman should maintain his sense of style but also feel comfortable and confident in what he is wearing. So gents, how do you strike the right balance?

3 Ways A Gentleman Can Improve His Weekend Style

        1. The camel overcoat – incorporating a great quality overcoat is highly recommended and this statement piece is needed in every gentleman’s wardrobe. It just sets the tone that you have arrived whether at brunch or at tea time with a lady friend. Also, the overcoat does not have to be camel per se but the tan color provides a great contrast when worn with blue jeans.
        2. A clean white crisp herringbone dress shirt – every gentleman should have this shirt in their stable because it is easy to dress up and dress down your attire. Specifically, a herringbone shirt provides the right aesthetic versus a plain white dress shirt.
        3. Fitted blue jeans – a pair of blue jeans may seem simple but getting the right fit is the challenging part. I recommend a fit that is not baggy and not too tight, which works for me.

See my dress down style below:

cotn csw3
cotn csw2451 Chris 353 GVN451 Chris 361 GVN See my style breakdown below, I was able to find similar items online to achieve the same look:

1. Camel Coat by Paul Smith
2. Blue stone wash jeans by Paul Smith
3. Custom White herringbone shirt by COTN
4. Tortoise Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples
5. Brown Chelsea boots by TRITON

Let me know your thoughts on this style and feel free to share your best dress down style.

Shop the full style below and maybe I will run into you in Dumbo!

Until then,

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