How To Wear A Motorcycle Jacket With Jeans

All American Casual Look – Black Motorcycle Jacket, White Short Sleeve Tee and Jeans

Christopher North – Episode 1: All American Casual Look Video Transcript. – Shop this look below.

Welcome to my youtube channel, this channels shines a spotlight on sophisticated style for men.

So for gents chiming in, I salute you. And for the women that’s also chiming in. We’ll give you a big welcome,

So let’s talk let’s discuss a casual outfit, a dress down outfit, that will maintain that sophisticated style, right?

I think as you know, this is good for the spring and also for the fall. Right? So outfit that comes to mind. I call it my all American look. I’m wearing a motorcycle jacket paired with a whit tee.. And some black bootcut jeans. Right.

So as you see here, this is style that I love wearing, because it kind of gives me that same sophisticated look at when I’m not wearing a suit. Alright, so, Let’s go to the breakdown of this right. So the breakdown, let’s talk about the motorcycle jackets. So, for the motorcycle jacket, make sure that you have a fitted motorcycle jacket, not too tight. And it’s also not too bulky. We want to make sure that you know it’s not you know. It’s right in the middle like it’s nice relaxed feel for that motorcycle jacket.

Make sure the sleeves guys make sure the sleeves come all the way down. You do not want to have a short sleeve, motorcycle jacket that is a no no and it’s definitely outside in the realm of sophistication. Alright, so so make sure no short jackets. The brands that I like is a listing with brands the brands i like i like Deadwood I like also All Saints shot is also a very good one good motorcycle jacket. They’ve popularized motorcycle jackets since the 1920s. So that’s always a good choice. So and what I’m also pairing this motorcycle jacket is with a white tee. Now the white t guys not all white tees are made equal by the way so I’ll let you in on a secret for me I have at least seven to eight whities on on standby crisp white Tees on standby. Just Just for these reasons by I want to just pop up for lunch pop out for brunch or a date real quick, I can just throw this on and go. Alright, so you know.

So thinking about that white tea as you see in this neckline what I’m showing here, as you see the neck lines a lot more you’ll see how clean the neck line is. And it has a little bit I probably prefer more of a V neck v neck or at least a slight a slight drop cut on that neckline because you kind of show a little bit of muscles you see a little bit of muscles there guys. That is sold separately you have to work out and get get your muscles. Alright, so but that’s so in that kind of gives you that nice fresh look feel especially with that motorcycle jacket.

It has a nice little good look for the for the jeans now for the jeans, invest in some really great jeans now what I’m wearing here is some bootleg boot cut, let jeans which are really really great. I liked it. I liked these jeans because they’re there. They’re I guess they’re skinny or around the legs. Right? So this case, if I’m wearing chelsea boots somewhere in sneakers, it has a nice drop when I’m wearing either one of those shoes, right so this and it kind of keeps that same aesthetic of sophistication, especially with a motorcycle jacket. So that’s I think that’s you know, so you want to invest in some jeans I try not to do any rips in those jeans Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely have a pair of jeans with some rips but for this look I’m not wearing you know any rips because I want to keep that same high end aesthetic sophisticated look to it. Alright, so so invest in some jeans go out and look and see where what works for you and make sure you have that you know more of that relaxed slash in the middle of skinny type of fit you want to get.

Alright, so that’s so that’s kind of this look, this is my all American look. It’s good for I guess you can be worn during the during the day. I’ll say before 7pm do you have to go to brunch with some friends, we have a date, a daytime date, this is great look, and it still shows still gives you that same sophisticated aesthetic. So you know, that’s what I have for today. We’re gonna, we’re gonna be covering a lot more styles. You know, you know from suits and so forth. Thank you for tuning in. If you thought this video was helpful. Feel free to comment, share and sign up for notifications and tag a friend below and I look forward to seeing you in our next video. Chris Rock North


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