New York Inspired Spring Style for Men

The New York fashion aesthetic has always inspired my style. Walking down the streets of NY, you see looks inspired by different cultures, eras, and seasons.

I have heard many men say Winter is their favorite season for fashion. They love the layers, the rich colors, the textures… I love Winter for some of the same reasons, but Spring fashion can be just as exciting to style. All you need are a few essentials, a swap here and there, some New York inspired style tips and Spring can be another one of your favorite seasons for fashion.

A Gentlemen's Guide to Spring in Soho

Here is my Gentlemen’s Guide to Spring, Soho Style:

Depending on what country, state, or city you’re in, the transition from winter to spring can be a bit tricky. In Soho, there are still some lingering chilly nights and crisp early mornings- in addition to tons of rain. It’s important to choose your fabrics wisely.

  1. Swap out your heavy fabrics for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and even silk. I do this with high quality tees, light-weight button downs, and unlined suits and sport coats.A Gentlemen’s Guide to Spring in Soho

When you think of Spring, you may think of vibrant colors. For some men, going from warm to bright can be intimidating.

  1. If you are not yet ready for vibrant colors, go light instead of bright. Go for a lighter wash in jeans and add a touch of color to a look with a button-down shirt in brighter colored stripes. You can also lighten things up with a fresh white sneaker. Finishing a look with a sneaker is so Soho.

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Spring in Soho

Everyone loves the Fall and Winter layers, so don’t leave your layers behind.

  1. Layer your Spring looks for early morning meetings or late-night hangs. Add a classic, light-weight trench or for texture keep that leather Moto jacket close by. Remember, this is Spring style so keep the layers light. Adding a jacket keeps you warm and on trend.

Guide to Spring in Soho Recap:

  1. Breathable Fabrics
  2. Lighter Colors
  3. Classic Layers

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Spring in Soho

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Spring in Soho

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Spring in SohoWhat I’m Wearing

Beige coat from Hevo

Blue jeans from Scotch and Soda

Shirt from Christophe North

Black leather Moto Jacket from Deadwood

Boots from Zara

Belt from Louis Vuitton

Until then,

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