What Should Men Wear For Fall 2020

Layers, rich colors, textured pieces, and timeless classics… Fall has made its entrance just in time to save us from remote-work wear. Sweater weather brings out some of the best in fashion- and I am certain I am not alone in happily trading my robe for a trench coat, virtual meetings for a few in-person ones, and late summer staples for early fall must haves.

Unsure of what’s on trend in Gentlemen’s Fall Fashion? Here’s What to Wear for Fall 2020:

Vibrant Twists on Fall Favorites 

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Bring the classic silhouettes you can count on, from your favorite cable-knit sweaters, print button-downs, or structured plaid blazers, forward with pops of color. Pairing more exuberant colors like purple, orange, ochre, emerald is a great way to introduce your fall fashion perspective. 


Prints and Textures 


When done right, prints and textures can make sophisticated statements. Paired with classics like polo fit tops or neutral bottoms, prints and textures can add character to your fall looks.

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Monochrome and Neutrals 

Black on black, white on white, tan on tan… you get the picture. There’s something crisp and noteworthy about a monochromatic or neutral palette. The confidence of a gentleman is sure to stand out in all white, with the colors and textures of fall as his backdrop.

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Streetwear and Workwear   

The streetwear aesthetic has influenced fashion designers and enthusiasts alike. Workwear is making the same kind of waves. A mix of leather and rich knits and sneakers and wool coats are combinations worth bringing together for a fashionable fall.

Gentlemen’s Fall Fashion

To pull these looks together and make them your own…

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